Proper Hand Hygiene – Invest in a Healthier Future

Our Purpose

To support the health, safety, and well-being of organizations, their employees, and constituents by helping to promote, monitor, improve and report hand hygiene compliance

Why Now?

The current pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of presenting a proven solution to proper hand hygiene. Infection transmission leading to significant mortalities has been a major issue for years yet has flown under the radar.This is changing! Frontline workers are in perilous danger. People do not want to return to work, shop, dine, travel, or socialize. Company and industry reputations are in jeopardy. Forward-looking companies will seek out opportunities to invest in, partner with, or acquire technologies to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the communities they serve.

How Patented HanGenix® Technology Works

Ultrasound-based transmitter

“Validation Zones” are established using an ultrasound-based transmitter to trigger audible, time-based reminders when it's time to wash hands, or if appropriate hand hygiene does not occur.

Wireless ID tag

Individuals wear a wireless ID tag which records all hand hygiene events when moving in and out of “Validation Zones.” Data is collected and transmitted directly to the system’s data server in real-time.

Sensor equipped dispenser

The system features a sensor in the dispenser (soap, alcohol, etc.) to specifyand validate who, when, and where hands were sanitized.

Proven in Healthcare.
Critical to All.

Since 2010, well in advance of the COVID 19 pandemic, HanGenix has been at the forefront of helping healthcare institutions confront the problem of hand hygiene negligence. The vulnerabilities of poor hand hygiene are not limited to hospitals, they remain critical issues in medical practices, long-term care facilities, and, Frankly, any industry where there is considerable person-to-person or person-to-surface contact.

That’s why HanGenix is expanding distribution and implementation of its hand hygiene technology to companies across diverse consumer and commercial industries. The Hangenix technology has emerged as a critical and preventative measure in helping to reduce the risk of infection and, in turn, improve the health and safety of employees and customers alike.

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Immediate Revenue Opportunity

The recurring revenue opportunity for implementation of the Hangenix System in U.S. hospitals alone is between
$1-2 billion annually.


Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Leveraging the HanGenix® technology beyond the healthcare industry – food service, restaurants, food processing, hospitality, clean rooms, education, and more – expands the global recurring revenue potential into the
tens of billions of dollars.

Supporting Articles
Hand Washing
Dental Practices

Dental Practices



Food Processing

Food Processing

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care









Fast Food

The HanGenix
Business Model

  • Direct sales and operations structure
  • Strategic alignment with distribution partners across key vertical channels
  • Technology integration and technical support provided by HanGenix
  • Monthly subscription pricing for implementation of core technology (SaaS)
  • Training, analytics, process improvement, and change management sold as add-ons

Analytics Well Beyond
Hand Hygiene

  • Contact tracing
  • Time and motion studies
  • Tracking of bedside care time spent by clinical staff
  • Tracking EVS workflow and room turnover time
  • Notification/validation of time to turn a patient with bed sores
  • HanGenix’s unique platform allows for a broad range of data capture capabilities

Technologies / Intellectual Property Protection

HanGenix’ technology is protected through exclusive, global rights to 3 issued patents(US8164439, US821653, US8547220) with a broadly written claim based on using ultrasound as ameans to validate compliance to protocols and transmit unique data.

Funding Sought:

$2-$3M – Institutional and individual investments starting at $25K

Current Investors:

Global Health Impact Fund: $1.5M globalhealthimpactfund.com Founders/Angels: $750K

Use of Funds:

COVID-19 has created a considerable increase in demand for the Hangenix Technology. Investment capital will be used to:

  • Extend product footprint and scale manufacturing — technology and analytics
  • Pursue additional channel partnerships to expand market coverage
  • Expand and market accredited training offerings
  • Expand data mining, analytics, and reporting
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HanGenix Leadership Team

Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is a results-driven leader, with a proven track record of exceeding goals, profitable revenue growth, strategy development and execution, as well as team leadership. Jeff’s considerable experience in sales and sales management, product development, marketing and strategy, and operations consulting is the ideal background needed now to drive the HanGenix commercialization process.

Jeff Kline LinkedIn
Garrett Ratner

Garrett Ratner

Chief Technology Officer

Garrett comes from a computer science and finance background. He got his start in management consulting in the area of pricing strategy and big data analytics, leading the development of customized software. He advanced to the private equity space, leading value realization efforts for a software startup specializing in enterprise revenue management. Before transitioning to Hangenix, Garrett led the research, analytics, and pricing group for a national marketing organization.

Garrett Ratner LinkedIn
Victor Waters

Victor Waters, M.D., J.D., F.C.L.M.

Chief Medical Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in both internal and emergency medicine, Dr. Waters will direct the clinical technology enhancements. Dr. Waters earned his undergraduate degree from Brown University, his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine, and his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University Law School. He is both board certified in internal medicine and a non-practicing attorney, bringing diverse experience and expertise to the HanGenix leadership team.

Victor Waters LinkedIn

Board of Directors

J. Ernie Riddle

Board Chairman,
Partner and “Growth Coach” at Healthcare IT Leaders

Jeff Kline

CEO, HanGenix

Bob Sweeney

Principal and Managing Director,
Global Health Impact Fund

Strategic Advisors

Tom Berger

Previous Operating Partner,
Bessemer Venture Partners

Francis Blais

Infectious Disease Advisor

Mike Dempsey

Co-Inventor, previous CEO of Radianse, MIT Faculty

Dave Edwards

Senior VP/GM Strategic Corporate Accounts, Siemens

Gary A. Goldman, DDS MD

Founder and Managing Partner, Global HealthImpact Fund

Brian Howard, MD

Surgeon and Investor

Fran Kamp

Clinical Advisor

David Karabinos

CEO, Healthcare Technology Strategist

Grant Lynde, MD

Vice Chair, Quality Improvement, Department of Anesthesiology, Emory University School of Medicine

Mason Marketing

Marketing Communications Advisors

Ron Newbower

Co-Inventor, Harvard PHD and professor, and strategic advisor at Mass General

Mike Parham

Managing Partner, Catalysta Partners, LLC.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Healthier Future?

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