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New CME Promotes Critical Compliance with W.H.O. “My 5 Moments” Hand Hygiene Guidelines

Atlanta, GA – HanGenix™ Solutions, Inc. (HanGenix™), an industry-leading provider of transformational technology for hand hygiene compliance, today announced the launch of its first accredited continuing medical education (CME) course – “Maximizing Hand Hygiene Effectiveness.” The CME course, launched at a time when hand hygiene compliance in healthcare delivery settings is more critical than ever, was developed in conjunction with Challenger Corporation of Memphis, TN, one of the country’s most prominent online medical education companies.

“There could not be a more relevant context for introducing educational content designed to address some of the current challenges that healthcare workers and hospital administration are facing,” said Jeff Kline, chief executive officer of HanGenix™ Solutions, Inc. “The course is being launched at a time when the importance of proper hand hygiene and solutions to help support the latest World Health Organization guidelines and protocols has never been higher.”

The course introduces physicians, nurses and allied health personnel to state-of-the-art techniques to maximize institutional hand sanitation compliance.  Specifically, course objectives seek to: 

  • Define the logic of a systematic approach to hand hygiene
  • Outline the reasons for change in the current approach to hand hygiene 
  • Describe the WHO "My 5 Moments Approach” to more effective hand hygiene
  • Define the factors that facilitate successful transition to this methodology

Physicians, nurses, and physician assistants can receive continuing medical education credit by completing the course. The course is strongly recommended for all personnel working in hospitals and other health care delivery settings, especially those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Those wishing to take the course and earn CME credit can visit or

The primary focus of this educational initiative is to contrast the traditional foam in/foam out, room-centric approach to hand hygiene with the evidence-based, patient-centric World Health Organization (WHO) 5 Moments approach.

The course content supports healthcare institutions’ adoption of transformational technology currently in pilot testing by HanGenix™. The HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System monitors hand hygiene compliance with ultrasound technology that employs the WHO approach. Very simply, every healthcare worker wears a wireless ID tag, which records all hand hygiene events and provides audible beeps if a healthcare worker enters
or exits a Patient Protection Zone™ without performing hand hygiene.

The HanGenix™ system encourages immediate hand washing to remain compliant and can be customized to address facility-specific protocols. All data recorded by the system is transmitted wirelessly to the “cloud” for real-time analysis and feedback. Accuracy of the system has been validated by a peer reviewed clinical study and its effectiveness piloted in several  prominent institutions around the globe. 

Kline continued, “the entire health care world is enveloped in the coronavirus pandemic, and, as a result, hand hygiene will never be the same. Our goal in developing and launching this course was to bring attention to the importance of hand hygiene compliance as a fundamental first-step in stemming the spread of infection, and long-term, supporting the adoption of HanGenix™ hand hygiene technology.”

The authors are Eleanor Savariau, MBA, BHSA, RN, Hollywood, FL and Francis Blais, DO, MACOI, Clinical Professor of Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Columbus, OH. 



About HanGenix™ Solutions, Inc.

Atlanta-based HanGenix™ is a digital healthcare solutions company with a simple, effective ultrasound-based monitoring system, designed to improve hand hygiene compliance that delivers accurate, robust and insightful data through real-time feedback prior to patient contact. The company’s vision is to transform the means by which healthcare providers prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections through the use of technology in order to save lives and avoid unnecessary healthcare costs. The HanGenix™ System originated at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in response to their challenges with accurately measuring hand hygiene compliance. Ron Newbower, PhD, Harvard faculty member and strategic advisor, and Mike Dempsey, MIT faculty member and entrepreneur in residence with the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), developed the ultrasound-based technology after recognizing the limitations of current monitoring protocols and other technologies for hand hygiene monitoring.


About Challenger Corporation

Memphis-based Challenger Corporation has been a national leader in online medical education for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants since 1991. The company produces peer-reviewed content for use in exam preparation, remediation and both supplemental and asynchronous online learning. Over 80,000 individual practitioners and 450 training universities and training programs employ Challenger curricula. The proprietary Challenger tracking and assessment platform is an integrated component of their evidence-based training methods.